Our luxury bedding is made to
the highest standards.

Allergen Barrier

Dust Mite & Bed Bug Barrier

Moisture Barrier

Silkzzz Duvet™ silk-filled bedding is created with touchably soft long-strand silk which makes it an exceptional choice in helping you to achieve a better night’s sleep, without the drawbacks of down.

While down-filled textiles are bulky and can trigger allergic reactions, our breathable Silkzzz Duvet™ bedding is perfect for asthma sufferers because it aids in protecting against allergies specifically triggered by dust mites, mold, mildew or pet dander. Wake up rejuvenated in natural comfort with Silkzzz Duvet™.

Inside our luxury duvet bedding

Silkzzz Duvet™ silk-filled bedding is carefully
crafted and designed to give you a
comfortable nights sleep.