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Silkzzz Duvet


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Cocoon yourself in a Silkzzz Duvet to experience the indulgence of silk-filled bedding. With the same thermal properties as down, our luxury bedding offers all-season comfort without the drawbacks. While down-filled textiles are bulky and can trigger allergic reactions, our breathable Silkzzz Duvet bedding is safe for asthma sufferers because it protects against irritants like pet dander and dust mites.

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With a soft cotton finish that conforms to your body, our silk-filled duvets are quilted to prevent bunching and cold pockets. They also naturally adjust to your body’s temperature and prevent moisture buildup to ensure a comfortable sleep all night long. Plus, silk-filled bedding is lightweight and sleek by design, which will give your bed a more modern feel.

Transform your sleep with natural, luxury Silkzzz Duvet bedding and rest more peacefully.

Product Highlights

100% Cotton Outer Shell
Naturally Breathable
Naturally Temperature Regulating & Moisture Wicking

Product Care

Machine Washable in cold water and dryable on low.
Use the delicate cycle and detergent for delicate fabrics.


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